Water to your natives just once a week or less (such as acacias, grevilleas and eucalypts). The soil must be kept moist during the first 4 weeks for this reason.

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This means that over the first couple of months you will gradually reduce both the amount of times you water and how long you water.

How long to water lawn perth. New turf should always be watered as soon as possible after laying and then kept damp continuously for the establishment phase. A good idea is to leave a towel out on the lawn for the first few days when the tail dries, out your lawn will immediately need more water. Vertimowing cuts vertically into the grass thatch layer which removing large amounts of thatch and water repellent organic matter that accumulates as grass grows.

For recommended water use times for other sprinklers consult the water corporation website. If you're in perth, where you're also allowed to hand water in between your nominated watering days, then you can pretty much grow all year provided you're prepared to put in the work. For the first two weeks avoid heavy use of the lawn and water two to three times a day.

When should i water my lawn? Once established your lawn should only be watered on an as needed basis, more often on very sandy soils, such as perth. The amount of water your lawn will need will depend on local conditions.

The weed usually grows to about 20cm to 50cm in height and produces a network of creeping underground stems with small tubers (100cm to 250cm long). Water in the early morning or evening to minimise water loss through evaporation. Before 9 am and at 3 pm.

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* the winter sprinkler switch off applies to scheme and bore water users in perth,. What this does is place the lawn under mild drought stress so it sends the roots deeper in order to find a water source, causing a stronger root system in the long run and a lawn that is tougher and better able to stay looking good in drier periods. Before 9 am, at 12 noon and at 3 pm.

You also don’t want to water at night, as this can cause fungal issues in your lawn. Watering is an extremely important part of installing a new lawn. Just come in store and get your free catch cups and advice on how to use them.

Water your garden beds twice a week (this is appropriate for exotic species such as fruit trees and palms). Dry patch management is described in more detail at lawn problems. It’s critical for the first few days and move the towel around just so you don’t do any damage to the lawn.

Lawn doctor turf shop are giving away free water catch cups to help you drought proof your lawn. Catch cups are vital to being able to measure the water output from your reticulation. “the absolute best time to water your lawn is the early morning, before 10am,” says maurer.

So, how do you work out how long to run your irrigation to apply the right amount of water? After watering, sink a shovel into the soil and spread the hole so you can see how far the water has penetrated. Lawn will take a full twelve months to grow deep roots and become drought resistant.

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We recommend you water your new lawn or garden with 10 mm of water a day. Scheme water users in perth, mandurah and towns south of (and including) kalbarri and kalgoorlie can use their sprinklers either before 9 am or after 6 pm, two days per week based on the last digit of your house number. Summer in perth can be a difficult time for your lawn;

Shredded lawn is very susceptible to dehydration and dying off in the first 8 weeks after planting in summer. Water within 30 minutes of laying your new lawn. But before expensive and difficult lawn repairs are needed, conduct a simple test (explained here) to see whether it's as simple as insufficient water being delivered by your retic.

Please see our installation and maintenance section for more information. Once the lawn is completely installed roll the entire area to improve the soil to lawn contact. Water for longer time periods, less frequently.

Ensuring your irrigation system is not over watering your garden and lawn can save a lot of water!. Water your lawns in the early morning before 10am. Scheme water users in perth, mandurah and towns south of (and including) kalbarri and kalgoorlie can use their sprinklers either before 9am or after 6pm 2 days per week based on the last digit of your street number.

They will make it easy to measure and determine how long you need to run your retic. Follow the watering schedule below for summer and use common sense at other times of year. Particularly with lawns this is the best time to water as night watering can increase the amount of leaf wetness which causes fungal problems in all lawn types.

However, common sense must prevail, if you can't water in the morning of cause water at night. Water your lawn three times a week. Your lawn will at first appear decimated, yellow and even bald after a vertimow.

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The amount of water your lawn requires will depend on the soil type and the wetness of the soil. The idea is to get to the point where you water less frequently but give the lawn a deep soaking. A symptom of long term water repellence, and the most common lawn problem in perth, is 'dry patch', which is often confused with a fungal or insect problem.

This can also be tested by a soil moisture metre or simply use a long screwdriver or a spade. As the water drains through the soil, the roots seek the water out deeper in the soil, rather than just hanging around the surface, which is what will happen. Cooler temperatures and calm breezes help keep evaporation to a minimum.

The preferred method is to thoroughly wet the soil to a depth of 150mm. If it hasn’t reached the desired depth, it will need more water.

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