I remember the look of bemusement on my orthodontist's face when i asked him how long my retainer would be glued in for. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear them 24/7.

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It's been 10 years since i got my braces off, and i still wear my retainer to bed about half of the week.

How long to wear retainers reddit. And if i go several days in a row without it, it feels tight and a little painful when i put it on again. Retainers keep teeth in place after braces or correct small orthodontic issues. After this point, cosmetic dentists may strongly recommend that you wear the retainer three to five nights per week for your lifetime.

Selective adjustment of the posterior upper teeth right and left (7,6,5,4 right and 4,5,6 left) (ul6 is the initial contact) Then again, if they fit well after two years of not wearing them, you're part of a lucky minority. The more you wear a retainer, the more effectively it can do its job.

There are two main varieties of retainers: Help reddit app reddit coins reddit premium reddit gifts. It can be hard to clean but it is more convenient than the clear retainers.

We are not trying to “torture” you for the rest of your life, but we do want you to realize that without consistent wear of your retainers, there is a. I've always wondered how people deal with that. For best retention, patients use retainers for the long term, protecting the investment of their time and family budget, too.

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I propose limiting work only to the upper arch as he was most concerned about the wear of these teeth and wanted the “simplest”, most economic option. This is the result of everyday wear and tear on your teeth as you bite down, chew, swallow, and speak. I've had my braces off for 9 years and i still wear my retainer.

This is where retainers come in: Just got my retainers today. These retainers need to be cleaned very well after each use but eventually the plastic will wear out and may even.

Hence the suggested treatment plan was: Instead, they’ll wear the retainer at night until it’s been at least 12 months since the invisalign treatment ended. It’s normal for your teeth to slightly shift after having your invisalign braces removed or once you stop wearing invisalign.

For the love of god wear your retainers!!!! Your general dentist could make you a bonded retainer. Many patients are shocked by these recommendations.

It's a piece of metal they stick to the back of your teeth. Bite, spacing issues, closed gaps and other issues corrected by invisalign aligners stay corrected when patients wear their retainers as instructed. I don't care about my teeth being absolutely perfect cosmetically.

The flexibility of a removable retainer seems tempting, but in reality the majority of people end up failing to wear them enough. Your retainers will fit for as long as you consistently wear them. However when i try and look up info on how long things are supposed to take seems that some dentist expects me to wear my retainer basically forever.

After that, switch to wearing it at night, every. After just a few days. I was told to wear them for a few hours during the day, and all night for three months.

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They move as long as you’re alive and can move to cause crowding/spacing. Removable retainers easily slide out of your mouth when you eat or brush your teeth. Their purpose is to hold the teeth in the improved alignment created by orthodontic treatment.

My question is, about how long do people wear them during the day? I feel a “few” hours could mean different things. Essix retainers are clear snap on retainers that fit over your teeth.

Ideally, it’d be great to wear your retainers every night for the rest of your life. If you were prescribed removable retainers, you may have to wear them 24/7 (except eating/brushing) for the first few months and then overnight for the rest of your life to make sure your teeth are kept straight. I just want to be able to bite and have my teeth interlock as they are supposed to.

Removable retainers — it is recommended that you wear your retainer all the time for couple months. But, as your teeth settle into their new positions, you can gradually decrease the amount of time you wear your retainer. For that reason, your dentist will give you a new retainer every nine to twelve months.

Chances are that there has been a range of mov. However, because the retainers are primarily made of plastic, they are subject to wear themselves. Like, it'd be a bit of a deterrent for me, i wouldn't want someone to kiss me if i had my retainer in.

My ortho said you don't have to wear them every night once you get older, but that really depends on how much your teeth shift. How long do you need to wear a retainer? I've noticed small shifts but nothing major.

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As a premier los angeles orthodontist we ask our clients to give permanent retainers a try. If you're able to seat them easily, without putting too much pressure, they may still work for you. So yeah, wear your motherflippin retainers, people.

The clear retainers (like the aligners) only have to be worn 24/7 for 2 weeks after straightening but after that you only have to wear them at night. This is why most orthodontists will require you to wear your removable retainers for at least 12 months following your braces removal. Plus, after wearing braces for such a long time, you are understandably tired of having extra gear in your mouth.

And then just at night after that. Retainers are there to make sure they stay straight.

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