Although he does conduct bear spray training for organizations and agencies, his focus is on bear education and avoidance to enable outdoor enthusiast to recreate safely and confidently in bear country. Such use has no deterrent effect on bears.

A comparison chart on the four different bear spray

Do not spray this product on objects, tents, or humans;

How to use bear spray counter assault. (290g) canister of counter assault bear spray sturdy nylon construction Being able to build your bear wall 30 to 40 feet in front of you is comforting. Counter assault developed the sophisticated dispersal system that creates an atomized fog, which produces a pepper cloud slow to dissipate.

Do not spray this product on objects, tents or humans; The most effective dispersal system is the atomized fogger. Touch closure secures bear spray in the holster designed to carry either the 8.1 oz.

Counter assault bear spray training canister. It is not the bear spray itself. It is safer and more effective for people, while ultimately protecting bear populations as well.

Counter assault bear spray pros. Be prepared for bear country by practicing how to safely and quickly deploy counter assault bear spray with the inert training spray. However, this isn’t necessarily bad because you get nearly the same performance out of a smaller, lighter canister for hikers.

The latter works like the real deal, minus the active ingredients. You don’t want to let a bear get close to you, for many obvious reasons. The moral to the story is, you need to at least shoot once with the brand/model that you carry so you know how it performs.

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In light of the recent mountain lion attack in southern california, i was wondering if a bear spray like counter assault would work against a. To help make it even more. Not for use on humans.

Bear spray is intended to be used to deter an aggressive or charging bear. Available at rei, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This item is the holster for the bear spray.

The first time you use bear spray shouldn’t be during a bear encounter or attack. Counter assault self defense sprays. Will bear spray ward off a mountain lion attack?

The company he founded, counter assault, became the first environmental protection agency (epa) registered aerosol bear spray. Be prepared for bear country with counter assault bear spray. Do not eat or allow to be eaten with food or feed materials which may have become contaminated with this product.

Bears move very quickly, bear spray should be readied for use when the animal is 30m (100ft) away. Personal defense sprays are not designed for use on bears! In june of 1998, counter assault became the first bear deterrent pepper spray to achieve us environmental protection agency registration.

The first time you use bear spray shouldn’t be during a bear encounter or attack. In 2014, gary joined counter assault as product ambassador and bear education specialist. Many people think that bear spray should be sprayed directly in a bear’s face, but this isn’t the most effective way to use it.

When deploying counter assault bear spray there are two things you need to pay attention to. Very intuitive, safe, and requiring only one hand. The latter works like the real deal, minus the active ingredients.

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To be effective, counter assault bear deterrent must be airborne. Grab a can of bear spray if you’re heading into bear territory. Other brands may provide only 4 seconds of spray duration and 15 feet of distance.

For one thing, they kind of smell. The first time you use bear spray shouldn’t be during a bear encounter or attack. Counter assault is formulated to provide additional spray time and distance to compensate for windy conditions, accidentally spraying too high, or more than one charging bear.

That said, if a person is accidentally exposed by the bear spray, there will be an intense burning sensation that should dissipate in 30 to 45 minutes. At nearly 10 seconds of spray time in a 7.9 ounce bottle, you’ll be delivering less fluid per second than the counter assault model. Deploy your bear spray at a 45 degree downward angle in a sweeping motion.

It’s quite powerful as well, with the same 2 percent capsaicin content as the udap spray, which is the highest concentration allowed by law in the united states.

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